iPad365 Backers

These are the people that donate to help keep iPad365 ad-free for the most part.

If you Watch on the website or a set top box like Roku, you will notice little-to no in-ad support (YouTube does have video advertising turned on). This is because I have been trying to make this show as ad-free as possible.

However, the show has costs. Monthly Amazon bills can range from $40 to $400 or more for higher viewed content. The popularity of the show brings more cost — especially to those watching older episodes.

That is why I love my backers! They help keep the show running in the forward direction so I can cover the monthly bills.

Want to be a backer? Simply throw a donation this way to cover the show’s bandwidth bill or help cover some apps I have to purchase so I can talk about them. In return, you’ll be thanked through this page as a backer for a period of 1 year.

iPad365 Backers